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This week’s good news is like a perfect smile—bright, shining, and infectious! Selena just finished up her externship with Jun Ho Lee DDS (Yosemite Dental) and has joined their team immediately after! You have so much progress both personally and professional over the past nine months with us. Way to go Selena!
All that hard work has ‘crowned’ you with success! Congrats on starting your career in the dental field. Thank you Selena for choosing Stellar and trusting our process. Individuals like you keep us constantly motivated and inspired.
Special thanks to our Director Kristina Nielsen who really connects our students to well-matched dental practices. You are consistently amazing and our students are always in good hands with you.

My externship experience

My experience at my externship site couldn’t have gone any better. From the moment I went to my meet and greet I felt comfortable and welcomed. From day 1 of my first extern date, it was new and exciting being part of the experience and seeing what goes on the day to day basis than from being in school. 

You go into it not really knowing what to expect, although I’ve been in dental office throughout my life since I was a baby, it was completely different actually being hands on live with it. I would say not only did I have the help of the idea of my mom, but also Mrs. Lafoon, as I would express some of the things I didn’t feel confident in she helped guide me to gain confidence in that area, so for that I’m eternally grateful. But being in the office the girls there as well as the dentist really helped me grow and helped show me the ways of dental assistant. They were kind, patient, and helpful along the way as this office does many procedures. Just every day you learn something new, with each patient, you think you know what to expect but I’m glad I was paired with this office. Learning in school is different from being hands on most definitely but both factors definitely play a good role into the field as well as it being challenging but I would say both in school and extern were great for me. 

Although I’m just in the beginning stage of my dental assisting career, I can’t wait to see what’s next for me in this field and excelling at so many things I know I can do.