medical assisting

Congrats to Stormi who was hired on at OB-GYN Associates of Turlock straight from her externship!! I remember meeting you just 9 short months ago and you were telling me that you wanted to start a career in healthcare and did not want to be a hostess long term. With a plan and consistency you have accomplished your first goal! We are thrilled that you were hired on at such a great facility! Thank you for choosing Stellar Career College

-SCC Administration

Stormi's Review of Stellar Career College

I recently graduated from stellar career college, I attended the medical assisting program and had the best experience. Vick and Kristina are there for you with anything you need and keep you motivated to finish the whole time. Maria is so helpful as well getting you on the right loan and preparing you for future loan payments. Do not be afraid to invest in your future! You can’t beat the tuition price either, you can manage your loan and not stress about being in debt after. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to better their future and grow.