administrative medical slerk

I met Monique over a year and a half ago. I would touch bases with her every few months or to see how MJC was going. After facing some of the drawbacks with online learning, she finally decided to take my advice and try another route. We will always remember your cheerful good mornings! All of us here at Stellar are proud to see you level up and transition from retail to a professional administrative role. Congrats on your new position at Mercedes-Benz of Modesto! Thank you for believing in yourself and making a commitment to improving your life. Keep making progress!!!! -Vic Lal

" Everyone here at Stellar made me feel really comfortable and whenever I had any issues they were always able to figure something out for me. Whether it was work, car breaking down, childcare or anything else, they were able to help me get through it. I am way better off now that taking online classes at MJC and working retail. I would recommend this college to anyone who wants to level up just like I did."