Kayla has worked tirelessly, displayed a positive attitude and consistently has strived to do her very best. This has earned her the distinction of being an exceptional student and a valuable contributor to our school community. Your success has been earned and we are confident that you will continue to achieve great things the the dental field. #dedication. Kayla's Review " As I reached the end at Stellar Career College, it has given me the chance to reflect on the past 9 months. I approached Stellar when I decided to take the risk and to see what could happen, little did I know it would bring me exactly where I needed to be. From the very first phone call, I was never pressured into making a decision like I had been at other schools, and that is what really sold me about Stellar. They always made it my decision, my pace. They wanted me to choose, they wanted me to take the big jump that would change my life. Throughout my time at Stellar, there were some obstacles, but today I can see that they are only lessons. As you go through life, you are bound to face obstacles, but how can you get through them if you never learn? In the end, when they say they’re going to take care of it, they mean it. Vic and Kristina, they have your back and they will always do what is best for your career, your future. When I look back from the first day of the dental assisting program to the last, I see so much growth. I see growth within myself, and I see how much information I have obtained in the span of 9 months. I see the confidence in myself grow. I see the confidence in my knowledge of the dental field grow. School is never meant to be easy, and dental assisting was not easy. There is so much to know about the dental world and so much to learn when you’re starting out, but that is what studying is for. That is what you extern for. You go to school for your program and you graduate from that program, but you also leave with professionalism, knowledge, gratitude, and your new career. A career that you want will never be given to you, you will always need to work for it. As I reached the end and headed into my externship, that is when everything began to feel so real. I finally felt as if all the hard work was paying off. On my first day of my externship, I was so nervous and by the end of the day all of those nerves were gone, because I was finally able to do all the things I aspired to do. Although, it definitely was not all rainbows and sunshine, starting out I didn’t get to do much but clean up and I was okay with that. As I got to observe more, I got to take on more responsibility. In my second week of externship, I hit a bump in the road where I felt a lot of pressure on me to do so many things as a student still learning. I was on the verge of a breakdown, and the craziest part was I thought, “What would Vic and Kristina tell me”, and that is what got me through it. So, here I am 200 hours later, and I did it though all that stress and pressure that was thrown onto me so soon, I did it. I pushed though and put on a smile and got through each day, because that is what being a dental assistant is. You don’t show your emotions about what’s happening in your life. You make sure the patient sees you as someone who is happy. I learned so much while on my externship, and I learned so much from the other assistants, but I learned the most from the doctor herself. I was very fortunate to work with a doctor who had patience with me and was willing to teach me. If it weren’t for my doctor guiding me, I don’t know where I would be as a dental assistant. Now that I have reached the very end of my program, I feel almost sad but happy. I’m happy that I am starting a career, a life for myself, but sad that Vic and Kristina won’t be there for the ride anymore. I will forever be grateful for Vic and Kristina for having faith in me and guiding me along the way. I truly would not be the person I am today, or the dental assistant I am today without them. My time at Stellar Career College might be over, but everything that they have taught me will always be remembered. If I could give anyone advise that is thinking about going back to school, it is to just take the leap and believe in yourself. It will all be worth it in the end.
Dental Assistant