Many years ago, I was Kristen’s mother’s advisor! Congrats to Kristen on your new role with Valley Pet Care! You strived to complete your program during COVID and also becoming a new mother! Wow!!! We are proud of your recent achievements and know that you will help increase the quality of veterinary healthcare here in the valley!!Thank you Brandi for bringing Kristen on as an extern and our Associate Director for your motivation and guidance throughout Kristen’s clinicals. Lastly and most importantly, our amazing Veterinary instructor Mrs. Reed, you are simply great at what you do. THANK YOU!!!!

From Kristen:

” My teacher did a really great job explaining everything and was always super helpful when I didn’t understand a subject. “

Why I decided to attend:

” I went to MJC before but I didn’t love what I was studying. Since I was 16 I always wanted to work with animals. Now I have learned so much and have the confidence to work in veterinary healthcare. I’m so excited about finishing the program and landing a job at my externship site. My next goal is to pursue a degree to become a Veterinary Technician.” Thank you to all the staff for working with me and encouraging me to keep going.”