🎓👯‍♀️ Congratulations, Aidee, on your graduation and new position at American Family Dentistry! We know that you really wanted to work with their team and we all know how amazing Dr. Chahal is! 🦷🌟 Your recent hire puts us at 100%!! 100% graduation and placement rate. Your journey with Stellar Career College has been twice as sweet with your twin by your side! Double the smiles, double the success! Keep shining together! 🌟😄 #TwinsInDentistry #DoubleTheJoy #ProudOfYouBoth #resultsmatter #careertraining #dentalassitant #keepit100 #americanfamilydenistry #smilgame #turlockca From Aidee: "Stellar College was a great experience for me because it allowed me to make new friends with the same career goal as me and to learn about being a dental assistant. I learned many new things such as, setting up trays, sterilizing, teeth terminology, infection control, x rays, and how to communicate to patients. The things I liked about the dental assistant program at Stellar College is the structure of course and how it included projects and kahoots that helped me learn. The projects helped me learn the material because it was hands-on learning and I got to know a lot about the specific project I was working on like about different diseases in the mouth ect. Kahoots helped me learn quickly and they were very helpful for tests. The difficulty of the class was good because I never found the class too easy or too hard. The class did challenge me sometimes which in the end helped me learn what I needed to learn. Also the homework helped me pass the exams as well as all the other things we did in class. The staff at Stellar College was supportive and caring during the whole program. I felt like they took this seriously and they had great teaching techniques. This ultimately led me to become better at my job as a dental assistant. Another great thing about the school is that they helped me get certified in cpr, infection control, and x ray. The field trip that we went on helped me visualize actually being a dental assistant in a dental office. This was helpful because I got to know my way around an office. Externship was the main thing I learned from because I was essentially working as a dental assistant. This hands-on experience made me comfortable in an office working as a dental assistant. I got more experience setting up trays and communicating to real patients. This externship also got me ready for the work schedule and hours I can expect in this career. Thank you to all the staff at Stellar College for helping me in my journey to becoming a dental assistant."
Aidee Starts New Career
Dental Assistant Grad 2023