Stellar Career College has always remained the best value in education in the valley with our lower tuition rates. During these challenging times many applicants to our college have expressed a strong desire to further their education with us, but have been challenged with affordability.

In response, we have now implemented the Stellar Tuition Plan which allows a student to spread out tuition payment over several months instead of providing any payments while attending. For example, if a student’s tuition costs are not covered through federal loans for Pell grants, the remaining balance will financed for up to 12 months after graduation.

These plans are customized to each student, no credit check, no interest and no late fees will be applied to any Stellar Tuition Plan. This will allow a student to further their career education without adding any direct costs to their respective budgets.

  • Restrictions apply: This payment plan option is for *eligible students who enroll on or after February 2021. Candidates must be eligible for federal grants and loans. Payment plans are not automatic and must be reviewed and approved by SCC administration.

Stellar Career College believes strongly in the programs we offer and we believe in you. Call our admissions office (209) 545-5200 to ask any questions you may have about financing your education and how we can help you get started. We have a dedicated Financial Aid Officer on campus at all times.