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Cheryl Boyles Black  recommends Stellar Career College.

I do recommend Stellar Career College to anyone who is wanting to further their education and skills for employment.

I enjoyed going to Stellar, I just graduated from Stellar College with my Administrative Assistant II Certificate. I have learned so much through the program that I took there.
Carlos, was my Instructor for Administrative Assistant II. Carlos gave me hands on experience in learning Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Skills on Internet. Trini is the Instructo...See More

Emily Orozco  recommends Stellar Career College.

Everyone at Stellar is committed to making the students succeed and achieve their goals. The friendships are a plus!

I enjoyed my time at Stellar. I love how everyone inspires you to do better and be better. I recommend coming to this school, its a great school & the teachers are awesome. I learned a lot of material & a lot about myself too. Thank you!

I loved coming to Stellar Career College!

The instructors and staff here at Stellar want to see you succeed. Their goal is to put you out into the workforce with the skills and knowledge you've learned here and you will feel confident when you leave here! You have a bunch of hands on experience working with programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

They also have different programs like Sterile processing and Veterinary Assistant, so you have options in what field you'd like to dive into.

All the staff is extremely helpful here and you will be cared about. ❤
If you're thinking about furthering your career and growing a stronger skill-set I recommend Stellar 😊
Stellar Career College students come out of their programs ready and prepared for a new career. Love the instructors and the students.

This school was amazing! The teachers were very nice and helpful. Good hands on experience while learning. Worked while with my schedule and I got a new job after I finished all my classes!! The staff was nice and helpful with any questions you have.

Kristen Sveen  recommends Stellar Career College.

After working years in food service I decided to attend Stellar Career College. It really was a game changer, they teach you everything you need to know for the program you take, I was in the administrative accounting clerk II. I feel confident going into a job because I have all the right skills that they are ask for on the job posts. Everyone attending and working at Stellar makes is a really good environment and a fun place to learn.

😁Graduating from Stellar College today, I'm super excited! Before enrolling at Stellar I was really struggling with getting an education. At all the other colleges I attended either had the run around with financial aid and couldn't afford my books so I had to drop all my classes. I was really ready to give up until I saw an Ad for Stellar's grant program called Project Aspire, which is a youth grant for people 18-24. It fit me perfectly! After getting enrolled I immediately See More

This place changed my life! With a background in warehouse and retail, I really wanted to change up the career. At Stellar, I was able to gain hands on experience in Accounting and couldn't have asked for better instructors. I was able to really ramp up my computer knowledge as well. Another thing that was so helpful was the Career Services department. They go above and beyond to help you find the right fit for you. Definitely recommend going here, you'll gain experience and friends that last a life time!

I would highly recommend Stellar Career College. Working retail for 5+ years I knew it was time for a Change So I Contacted Vic & Next Thing I Knew Was In-School Full Time and in 4 Flash Months I Graduated and was looking for work. The staff is great, Instructors are awesome, & To top things off you Have Career Services to Help You Once You Graduate to find that Perfect Job for You! I’m Glad I Came Across this school and feel it has had ALL the impact in my transition from Retail Sales to Medical Administration. Thank You Stellar!

I went from working in a warehouse to a accounting technician 2 weeks after my graduation date. Stellar career college prepares you for the workforce in a little over 4 months. You get the training you need and the confidence to go out there and do your job. Thanks again to the staff and teachers you all helped with my success!!! ❤️

The Admin Accounting Clerk II at Stellar Career College this is a great course to take! The instructor is wonderful he provides his students with great instruction and gives you the knowledge you need to perform any accounting task. The MS Word and Excel instructors are great and can teach you a lot. The whole staff is friendly and there to help you if you need it. This was the right choice for me. Anyone wanting to learn something new should check it out.

I highly recommend Stellar Career College! I was stuck in a retail position for over 6 years dead end job, decided to go back to school for accounting admin clerk 2. I had no skills that people in the workforce were looking for. Great teachers and staff. Very helpful and supportive! After 3 months of graduating I got and admin assistant job working for a family owned painting business, skills I learned in school opened the door for me, finally financially on my feet and was able to make my own schedule. 😊

Loved all the process from the beginning. I graduated as an Admin. Accountant Clerk II attending full time. I had all the support a student could need during the process of learning and also during life changing events in my life. I will 100% recommend it with my eyes closed. They are an amazing team.

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