Is Stellar Career College accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges 

What makes us different?

At Stellar, we think that people make the difference. It is an individuals drive, compassion and passion for education that sets us apart. We have an amazing team of dedicated professionals who want to help people just like you have better employment options through education.

How big are the classes?

Class sizes max out at 20. Our average class size is between 15 to 20 students allowing our Instructors to give every student the support and additional assistance they need.

Does the school offer financial aid?

You can talk to a financial aid officer to discuss your financial options of your chosen program. Our tuition is significantly less than other schools in the area. We will do our best to make it affordable for you to invest in your education.

Can I do it?

With our unique hands-on approach to learning, we know we can help just about anyone succeed in our career development courses. Our school guarantees every student an exceptional level of support and training, whether you choose medical office, an accounting course, or one of our other  medical courses. An admissions advisor can help you determine if Stellar is the right college for you.

What times are the classes offered?

We offer set schedules so you can plan your life around school. We offer part time and full time career development course schedules and computer training depending on the program you choose.

Will the school help me find employment after I graduate?

SCC works with local employers to find out what job skills are in high demand. Our hands-on training gives you the skills and experience you need to compete in today’s job market. The Career Services Department works with all graduates to help them find a job in their chosen career. Visit our Facts and Disclosures page 

Am I too old to attend?

We have a diverse student population from 17 to 70 years old. We have the experience and resources to help anyone who is willing to learn. If you’re unsure which of our career training programs will be the best for you, schedule an appointment with our academic advisers to discuss it one-on-one.

Will I fit in?

Our students are all unique, but most will agree that Stellar Career College made them feel like they fit right in thanks to the family-like atmosphere and small class sizes. Check out what our grads have to say,  hear it straight from them!

When do classes start?

Our classes begin year-round. The best time to start is now. Contact our admissions office or come visit our Modesto campus to find out exactly when the next round of career training program classes starts.

Do you offer online courses?

No. Our programs are focused on hands-on practical training preparing individuals for the workforce.

How do I get my transcripts?

Your student records are active for one year after completing a course.  After this time, they are kept in a storage facility off campus.  For the initial year, you may request copies of records for a fee of $20.00.  Access to these records is limited after your files become inactive; therefore, 48 hours’ notice and a $60.00 fee are required for retrieval of the file and copies. You can contact with office at (209) 545-5200 or submit your request to kristina@stellarcollege.edu.

What makes us different?

Stellar Career College always puts students first. We have a great reputation and most of our students know some one who has attended. Our customer feedback is awesome. Take a look at what our grads say on our success stories page. Once your enrolled you can trust that our staff and faculty will not only treat you like family but will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

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